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Prepare Your Pup for the School Year

Prepare Your Pup For The School Year

It’s time for school! Schedules change when kids are back in school so your dog may need some help adjusting to the school year schedule. Here are some tips on how to get your dog ready for the adjustment:

  1. Special After School Toys – pick up a few new toys that are only used between the kids and the dog. These toys will help your pup associate the toys with the kids getting home from school.
  2. Long Walks – plan on taking your dog on a long walk before and after school each day. The walk before school will help tire out your dog. The walk after school will be something for your pup to look forward to.
  3. Doggie Daycare – consider dropping your dog at doggie daycare for a few hours each day. Your dog will get some interaction with other people and other dogs.
  4. Don’t Stress – in the beginning, your dog may be stressed by the new schedule. Help them adjust with these simple tips and be patient, your dog will get used to the new routine soon enough!